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Michael and Ramona

In 1994, Michael and Ramona Woods, President/CEO and Vice President/CFO respectively, decided to take their experience and passion for the beauty industry to a new level. They recognized the need for a multi-cultural hair care company that served professional salons with high-quality products and exceptional education. Most of all, the couple sought to help future clients grow their own businesses and prosper. The Woods began their quest by mortgaging their home and sacrificing personal items to raise the necessary cash to start their multicultural hair care brand Ashtae.

The company, Ashtae, is named after their two daughters, Ashley and Taylore. As difficult as it was in the early years of the company, Michael and Ramona never lost sight of their vision. They began by distributing their hair-care products from a barn behind their home. Mistakes made during the youth of the company taught them lessons that they now share with other new businesses. Their passion lies in helping people to balance family, faith, and finances in order to reach their maximum potential.


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