Create Balance while

Managing Marriage, Motherhood, Money, and ME!

As a woman, we wear a million hats and carry the burdens of our children, our spouses, ourselves, our household, our finances, and so much more. There's an art to maintaining balance, peace, and sanity.

Ramona Woods


At the age of 25, I married Michael and shortly after we had two daughters and started a business that risked everything we owned. Within months I had to learn how to be a good wife, great mother, and wise money manager. All at the same time.


It was NOT easy and I know many women struggle with it just like I did. It's taken me many years but now I have the knowledge and a deep of understanding of how to create balance in the midst of what seems like chaos.


I know what it feels like to be confident in one area and be filled with doubt in others. Am I leading my child in the right direction? Am I neglecting my husband? How can I increase my credit? Is the business actually profitable?


This the purpose of the 4Ms Course. To create balance and confidence 


You might be asking yourself is this for me? If you fit into at least two of the categories below, this is for YOU! Whether you're single, dating, married, or divorced, this course has something for all women.


You're a woman! That is the number one requirement for this course


You're married, plan-to-be or hope-to-be married one day or again. Divorced or Single women are welcome


You're a mother, step-mother, or mother-figure to a child or children


You handle your own personal finances, household finances, or you're a business owner

Mona's 4Ms Course

What's Included

The 4Ms is a four-week course designed to help moms, grandmoms, business women, and mompreneurs create balance in various areas of their life through proven strategies and Biblical principles

  • 4-Weeks Live Group Coaching: Learn each week's lesson during a live group coaching session held over the internet

  • Personalized Strategy: Get personalized strategies for handling your personal or business finances

  • Direct Access: You get direct email access with me for the duration of the course

  • Online Facebook Community: You're joining an online community of other mothers, wives, and entrepreneurs from around the world.

  • Certificate of Completion: At the end of the course, you get a certificate of completion

  • One-On-One Session: Each person gets a one-hour one-on-one session with me


See what others  Are Saying.

The 4M's course is about empowering women to take control of their lives and create balance while doing it. Hear what previous students are saying about the course

Single Mother

"It really helped me focus  and say okay... My son is my main priority. It helped me not feel bad about all these other people that want you to do things for them"

Married Grandmother

"It made me more aware. Like I said, it has been an eye opener - especially with those credit cards."

Married Mother & Business Owner

"This class has helped me to see where I was mentally as far as taking on too much."

Aretha | Rochester

"Don't struggle in silence. Your help is here"

Lorraine |  Brooklyn

"This class taught me the importance of having a balanced life"


If you're sick and tired of feeling overwhelmed, overworked, exhausted, or undervalued, take control of your life today and join the 4Ms Course. You will find you're not the only one and will begin to see immediate results in your life.


All payment plans include access to the full 4Ms Course.


Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions? I understand and I'm here to help

How much is the course?

How many spots are there?

What does the one-on-one include?

What if I want more one-on-ones?

Graduates of my 4Ms Course can book one-on-one sessions with me at half-price. Regular price is $397/hour but graduates can book for only $197/hour.

When does your next course start?

What if I can't make a live session one evening?

How do I connect to the class? Is it online?

Yes, this course is help 100% online but it's very easy to connect. You can use your phone, computer, or tablet to see me and the other course attendees.

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